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Tales of Transformation

Tales of Transformation

Ujjal Nath Currently- Power Grid Corporation of IndiaB.Tech- NIT (Silchar Electrical Engineering)CSRL Super 30 Guwahati Centre, 2011-12 Batch

Money can't buy a few things but for everything else, there is a Mastercard. Whenever I used to hear this slogan of a plastic money commercial I used to wonder what is it that we can have without money. It’s hard work and perseverance, replied my inner self. I realised one thing for sure in life, that for students like us who come from a financially challenged background, there is only one way to get success. I am not the one running for money, but yes, I know the importance of it in today’s world. If one wishes to get treatment, one needs money, for higher education you need money, so there is no denial to the fact that yes for everything else we need money.

As far as education goes, the underprivileged might not go to the best schools but their struggle teaches them life lessons which help in the long run. I started figuring out ways to optimize my knowledge and most of them came with a cost. Then CSRL Super 30 project brought a ray of hope.

I am Ujjal Nath and I belong to a middle-class family. Throughout my life, I studied in a government aided institution in Guwahati. My father is an advocate and was the sole bread earner, my mother is a homemaker.

I started my schooling in a vernacular medium school and then moved to Cotton Collegiate Government Higher Secondary School.

My Academic graph wasn’t that impressive, & due to the financial crisis my family was going through, neither could I join any coaching classes nor could I take admission in any private engineering college, this severely stressed my parents. Our family has experienced a lot of difficulties, money was scarce, luxuries were unimaginable.

We struggled to make both ends meet, My parents were often worried about providing us with quality education. There were times when I felt helpless but one thing that I have in me is the desire to make my parents proud. As if destined, my father saw an article in the newspaper about the CSRL Oil India Super 30, Guwahati which offered free residential coaching for 11 months to the underprivileged and meritorious students. This bought a ray of hope in my father’s eyes and he then persuaded me to compete in the entrance test conducted by them. Luckily, I got selected and this was the turning point of my life.

My experience at Oil India Super 30, Guwahati had a motivational effect on me. I was moved by Our faculty's dedication towards us, with their experience they taught us even the toughest concepts with ease. And with the grace of God and my parents' continuous belief, I got through 'NIT Silchar'.

I sincerely thank CSRL, its teachers and managers for providing me with a platform to make all my dreams come true. Daily guidance and support encouraged me to perform well.

Both Oil India and CSRL have helped us to achieve excellence in our respective fields and molded us to be a good human being. I am obliged and proud to be a part of it.

Currently, I am working with Power Grid. I would conclude by stating that, a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Gayatri Kumbang Currently- IIT MumbaiB.Tech, 1st Year (Mechanical Engineering)CSRL Super 30 Jorhat Centre, 2016-17 Batch

Farmers experience a tough life. They are the ones who feed the world, yet their living conditions are far from satisfactory.

I am Gayatri Kumbang and I hail from a lower-middle-class family in Jonai, Dhemaji, Assam. My parents have always been very active, vibrant and hopeful people. My father is a farmer and the sole bread earner for the entire family and my mother is the home-maker who takes care of all of us. They love life and believe that through hard work and honesty one can achieve all.

My family and I have had a tough life. My parents struggled to make ends meet, worrying about providing their children with quality education. Money was scarce, luxuries were unimaginable. There were times when I felt helpless but one thing that I had in me was the desire to make my parents proud.

They say,"at times all it takes is the first step which you take", I realized the importance of gaining knowledge and with my marks, I always brought a smile to my mom's face. And this continuous progress of mine, particularly when I scored well in Class XII instilled confidence in me, it was then that I heard about IIT and I seriously had no idea about it, but I still wanted to go for it.

The only way I could crack IIT was through coaching which was not possible as I could not afford their fees. With God’s grace, I saw an advertisement for Oil India Super 30, Jorhat and it added hope to my dreams. My selection into Super 30 bolstered up my confidence and I resolved all my doubts and decided that it was only IIT that I wanted to go for. Despite all the hurdles, with the 73rd rank, I got through IIT Bombay.

My daily routine in Oil India Super 30, Jorhat was followed as, time management, rigorous studying, and frequent tests. The entire team never failed to guide us from the start till the end. They guided us for our exams and ensured our success too. CSRL and Oil India Super 30, Jorhat have completely changed the lives of underprivileged youth by giving them the opportunity to achieve their dreams. They have completely transformed the lives of hundreds of people like me

Shambhavi Shinde Currently- IIM AhmedabadB.Tech- DTU (Software Engineering)CSRL Super 30 Mumbai Centre, 2012-13 Batch

Living on the outskirts of Mumbai, with mom, my small brother and no regular source of income, was quite tough. I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ambernath. I secured 88.7% in class 12 board exams and was English topper of my school. My mom is a home tutor and works hard to make me and my brother's life a little less challenging. After giving my class 12th board exams, the biggest question hovering over my mind was how to arrange enough money for my JEE coaching. We didn't even have anything like home etc. that we could mortgage for an educational loan.

One afternoon, after the board exams, I got a call from Super 30, as I had cleared my CSRL Super 30 written exam which was conducted in my school. I was elated. All the students thus selected were told that no expenses would be incurred by them, which turned out to be perfectly true later on.

Soon, I found myself as a part of the 1st batch of Mumbai, Super 30.

Initially, I felt homesick but with time the vibe of Super 30 shooed it away. The concept of Super 30 was simple, "lean and share". Super 30 and CSRL left no stone unturned in providing us with the best facilities from food to faculties. All the students were exposed to good study material, books and assignments.

Regular tests were conducted on each topic. Moreover, students were restrained from distractions like mobile phones, T.V., etc.

Faculties were always there to clear our doubts and queries. Detailed analysis of each student's performance was done. Not only did Super 30 and CSRL helped us in building our bright futures, but they also gifted us with memories for a lifetime. All the students were taken out for a small trip to Borivali National Park. Shahi Sir took all of us for a grand treat after the JEE MAINS exam. I still remember such quality time all of us spent then. As the JEE approached, mock tests were conducted exhaustively to give good practice and experience to the students.

Today, I study Software Engg. in DELHI TECH. UNIVERSITY, one of the best engineering colleges of India and I proudly give a significant part of the credit for my bright future to SUPER 30 and CSRL. Their unparalleled initiative towards helping young budding minds of developing India and giving them the impetus to dream big is applaudable.

To sum up, I would like to thank CSRL Super 30 for their efforts in making my future and giving me the unique experience of "learning and sharing". With the organisation, I have learned the importance of giving back to society.

Tejaswini Gautam Currently- IGDTU, DelhiComputer Science