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Donors & Doers

Donors & Doers

Test Donors Doers Program was aimed at sharing best practices of NGOs and Corporates so that a strong public-private partnership can be built who can set the motion of social sector development in line with economic growth. It was commonly felt that the outcome of the investment is poor, the activities are not planned on strategic lines, and most importantly the result of the social sector is not an indicator of success either for government or for corporate houses. The government is too much focused on FDI, share value; economic growth and business houses see their achievements in terms of rate of growth and market capitalization.

The meet therefore seriously recommends that the government and corporate should first set their matrix right then the seriousness for results would automatically follow.

The meeting concluded on a positive note with all the participants returning with a contented heart that the meet was great exposure to them.

The program was participated by a large number of NGOs like OSERD, Family of Disabled, Helpage, City & Guild, PRAYAS, etc. The program was supported by DFID. The funding agencies like IOC, ONGC, GAIL India Ltd, THDC, etc participated in large numbers.