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About Us
Mission, Vision & Values


Clearing the pebbles of financial stress and carving the path to success for the blessed minds, and nurturing leadership by promoting sense of Social Responsibility.


To be focused and determined in transforming lives and bridging the socio- economic disparity of the society.

Core Values


We are custodians (guardians) of the resources entrusted to us, We are responsible in letter and in spirit, both financially and materially to those we exist to serve and support young minds and citizens as well as those who support our work.


We are a non-political, non-religious, non-racial organisation, which gives us a strong, impartial voice and presence across the world. We are not beholden to anyone, we never compromise on our integrity and are prepared to be radical and outspoken as appropriate.

Non discrimination

We provide equal opportunities irrespective of class, caste, creed, gender, colour, religion, disability (of any form), etc.

Strive for excellence

We recognise and promote efficiency, creativity and innovation at work and strive for excellence. We demonstrate scalability and most efficient use of resources in all our endeavors to make a real and sustainable difference to citizens lives.

Team work

We value diversity of those we work with. We nurture open, transparent, sensitive and committed team work characterized by mutual recognition and respect.