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Joy of Giving

Joy of Giving


Making citizens aware of the Art of giving back to society. It’s not always money that helps; at times our little effort can change lives. CSRL organises the JOY OF GIVING week.

The theme is aimed at giving a better life to the people in need. The theme of the Joy Of Giving Week of 2018-19 was the Rag Pickers. We all must have observed kids and youngsters in dirty clothes, carrying a sack on their shoulder, penetrating their hands deep in the trash in search of plastics items, spending 4/5 hours of the day, they collect plastics worth Rs.130 to 150 a day, to our surprise, this is the only source of their income.

Don't they deserve a better life? Or do we let them die of skin cancer spreading among this community? If NO… can we think of an alternative? In the Joy of Giving week, we spread awareness about skin cancer, about ways to prevent it. The message also went out to people to segregate the waste in two divisions, and also educate them on the advantages and disadvantages of the same to the society. India with crores of the population cannot live healthy until we all think about it and take necessary action for further improvement.