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About Us
We are a registered society
We work towards social upliftment through our educational projects.
Our wings are also spread across CSR Advocacy and publications.

Evolution And Progress of CSRL

All kinds of studies suggest that inequality in India went down slowly and steadily from 1951 to 1991, only to spike upward after 1992, both in urban and rural India. Most, unfortunately, the bottom 10% barely saw any improvement. Living standards between the bottom 40% of the population and the rest of their compatriots have also widened. The worst victims of this inequality are the poor people who have the talent but not the means.

In the backdrop of this cruel and alarming reality, Centre for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL) was registered as a civil society organization in 2008 in Delhi mainly to address the issue of lack of opportunities to the underprivileged but talented students. The parents of these students cannot afford the financial support needed for shaping their careers.

While the finances might not lie with parents, they certainly lie elsewhere - with the corporates. CSRL makes these students visible to the corporates and also provides channels through which corporates can adopt the required expense. CSRL has been working on various dimensions of CSR such as CSR Project Execution, CSR Advocacy, CSR Publications, and CSR Programs.

The focus area is to work towards giving back to the society, nurturing talent, supporting the underprivileged through education, enabling them to compete for the elite and prestigious institutes for engineering in India. The organization has been actively involved in educating students coming from the underprivileged section of the society through its various SUPER 30 projects being executed pan India. Presently, CSRL is managing centres at 23 locations spread across states like New Delhi, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Assam, Maharashtra, etc. with the sole objective of reaching out to the most deserving ones and bridging the socio-economic gap existing in our society. We believe that real education is imbibing principles and instilling ethical values.

CSRL looks at itself as a custodian to the resources entrusted to it. It acts as a link between those committed to CSR culture and the ones to whom should accrue its benefits. It is, in both letter and spirit, responsible for and accountable to those it exists to serve. It is this level of devotion and loyalty that has gained CSRL the undisputed trust and support of not only the young minds and citizens but also those who we call our sponsors.