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A year-long fellowship program in the social sector, CSRL Catalysts for Change is a one-of-its-kind platform to serve the society in the most fruitful manner possible. Other than the full-time social workers and NGOs there are a lot more students and professionals who wish to do their bit towards the society. However, the impact of the efforts of these compassionate beings is far lesser than what should be. It is partly due to the lack of knowledge and experience and partly due to the lack of resources. This fellowship program is aimed at filling these very voids.

Objective of the Program: To create Social Entrepreneurs from among the social service enthusiasts and volunteers.

About the Program: The CSRL Catalysts for Change will be a group of few selected fellows who would be an active participant of Social Activities conducted round the year. The fellows will not only become a part of the social initiatives of CSRL but shall also get fair opportunities of getting to implement their own ideas as full-fledged social entrepreneurs.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students of all years and of all colleges are eligible to apply for the programme.

Selection Procedure: Interested students should fill an Application Form on the basis of which the fellows shall be selected.

Features and Benefits of CSRL Catalysts for Change:

  • Getting recognition for the service rendered to the society and getting connected with the grass-roots
  • Certificate for Social Service Activities
  • Participation in National Level Workshops
  • Learning Team Spirit and Leadership skills
  • Connecting with like-minded students and professionals
  • Networking Opportunities with Professionals, Academicians, Intellectuals etc.
  • Getting to know the upcoming CSR sector as a viable career option
  • Exposure to Social Entrepreneurship; meeting and networking with successful social entrepreneurs
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