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Success Stories


Father : Ved Prakash Narula
Mother : Madhu
School : R. P. V. V. Civil lines

“Even after I took my memory for a stroll, I couldn’t remember a day when my mom slept at peace. Her day started with making food for us before she could leave for her own school, then home tuitions, and finally again in the kitchen for our dinner. When my brain equipped itself with the art of understandings I got more frustrated with the situation at home. My ailing father could not do much than sitting at home, peeling vegetables to help my mother and by routine getting irritated when his man ego stood erect unnecessarily. He knew that he was not able to do much for the family but at times this hard fact shook the nerves out of him. I tried understanding all this as a kid and as a grownup I pushed it to the corner of my mind, as it would hurt”.


Father : Prakash Chandra
Mother : Sheela Devi
School : Govt Boys Senior Secondary School: GTB Nagar

“I grew up between 2 elder brothers and 1 younger sister in the muddy lanes of Jharoda colony (Burari). 2 small rooms and a roof top accommodated 6 of us. My youngest sister was born when I was in class 2. And the number rose to 7, expanding the expenditure for my father. Our school was more of formality because of the financial constraints. My only friend, source of entertainment and engagement were my books.

By the time I reached class 12th I realized my keen interest was in science. I loved to do the micro wiring or fixing the defective electrical instruments at home. My passion forced me to look for option within my economical boundaries and to my disgust I couldn’t find any coaching or tuition which could help me with this. The transformation started from the time I heard about SUPER 30, which not just provided me free coaching, food and stay but also taught me the art of living with 30 odd guys, all of different nature but same goal. We stayed together, studied together and fought together. I was fortunate to get the hours of the day dedicated to studies and now where I m, a pride for my family, a hope…!”.


Father : Vijay Jain
Mother : Vimla Jain
School : R. P. V. V Shalimar Bagh

“When I pull the curtains of my childhood memories I recall my mother arguing with my father to put me to a convent school than M.C.D. school. I couldn’t understand the importance then. My 2 elder sisters despite of weak family conditions pampered me a lot. I started going to school like all the boys of my age, I loved my new pencils and books, then unknown about the efforts of my parents to bring the same. But as I grew to class 6th, my home walls began to be a pain, with no one in the family to help me with it, as my father’s education was limited to class 6th. I started concentrating on class more than other students which could help me finish with the homework’s myself. My mother was my sole model though unaware with the digits and letters she knew their importance in life and always kept a close watch on me to see if I was not diverting. Though I became very sound in academics, it couldn’t add any benefit to our family but only added the expenses. In class 12th when all the students were discussing about joining coaching classes, I was concerned about the wrinkles on forehead of my parents.

“SUPER 30”; I did hear this name from one of my teachers who suggested me to appear for the written exam and then there was no looking back. The selection test and interview just revolved my life. The free accommodation, food and studies were something I didn’t even imagine in this so called material world. But when I spent 10 months time with Abhayanand sir, I realized that there are people who work just for mankind. He just didn’t provide us the academic guidance but under CSR&L umbrella, we learnt to grow and stay as a matured and humble individual”.


Father : Pooran Chand Bhatt
Mother : Vimla Bhatt
School : Govt Inter College, Patel Nagar

“Pursuing engineering from a reputed state-owned institution has always been my dream. But at the same time I never wanted to add to the long list of my father's struggles by making him pay for coaching institutes’ fee. My father serves Dehradun Jal Board as a clerk and gets a humble salary. I think he has done his bit by making me complete my school without a worry. I understand his tough situation as an aspiring father of an ambitious student. So I decided to prepare for engineering entrance without going to an institute. But my hard work alone failed to take me to any regional or national engineering college. It was then that Super 30 came 2 my rescue and promised to give me free residential coaching for a year. It was as if all my mom's prayers of Kaangdaa Devi got answered. I found Abhayanand Sir a great teacher. His lectures made science very joyful and his exam tips made entrances a cake ride. Now I feel much more confident and hopeful as a young guy from a lower middle class family. I don’t know whom to thank for this opportunity i got, my fate or Super 30. I think I should thank both”.

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