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What Makes A Great Teacher ?

“Three Idiots” a movie by Rajkumar Hirani is an entertaining reminder of the pathetic condition of our education system which is based on conversational prescription, transfer of information and competition for marks rather than on critical thinking, creativity and participation of the learners. The movie has also attacked the way talents are treated, nurtured, and the way teachers refuse innovative suggestions from the students to make things simpler. To improve the current situation in respect to quality of teaching, nurturing talent, and value building the world needs “GREAT TEACHERS”. The issue is how to accomplish the difficult task of “What makes a great teacher?” There is no way one or two answers to this question or a magic stick that can transform ordinary teachers to great teachers. One can understand this from the life of great teachers only.

Story telling is not just one of the best methods to inspire someone to change; we believe it is the only effective tool. Therefore we have compiled a set of GREAT STORIES from the life of GREAT TEACHERS. We are sure the teachers will appreciate these stories and try to imbibe the virtues and qualities in their teaching styles.

To emphasize on the qualities of teacher, we mentioned a few virtues which is expected to be adorned in a teacher. Through an extensive study on the best practices adopted by the great teachers so far, we derived that these virtues are eminent traits found among them. Secular, Generous, caring, having the capability of making the complex matter simple, are a few which we found of prime importance.

The book also is an instrument of Dr Zakir Hussain Great Teachers Award to be distributed to teachers for various virtues through which they have been able to transform the lives of the students. There are basically four categories of prizes Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, each having cash prizes, gifts and mementos.