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WAR Against Poverty- Leadership & Implementation Perspective in NREGS

Author : S K Shahi

Most of the newspapers and magazines nowadays are charged with glorifying things which are sell-i-brity. However, conscious cum serious readers still find many things worthy reading in them. Since last decade, books with management success stories etc are found abundance, but books with leadership or bureaucracy often take the back seat. In the year 2006, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Indian Express had devoted full 4 page supplement of success of NREGS in Dungarpur, a tribal district in Rajasthan, which was a good change after a long spell… to read something encouraging, positive and innovative. Therefore in course of writing this book we have first tried to create a right perspective on poverty and its eradication, studied various leadership experiments, and learnt lessons from other poverty alleviation programs like one in Bangladesh.

The book has been written from heart as we know that success of NREGS means smile on face of children, anxious free sleep, and without the worry of the next day meal, reduction in forced migration and celebration of festivals with zeal. The book reiterates the fact that poverty is purely a leadership problem & only right leadership can solve it.

The leadership of a young lady district magistrate of Dungarpur drew the attention of many other news papers also. After a while we read that the social audit of NREGS work in this district was done by a huge workforce of 1200 people under leadership of Aruna Roy. In the book an honest attempt has been made to find workable solution to create excellence in NREGS without suggesting anything which may not be practical or possible by government.