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Katha Kahani Aur Copy- Mission Character Building

The name says it all! KKC contains twenty inspirational stories in layman’s language and from the lives of great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Narayan Murthy, Dr Zakir Husain, Abraham Lincoln etc. along with 100 blank pages. Below every story, the moral of the same is given along with a few tough words from the story and their meanings.

These stories aim at creating inspirational mindset that allows the young readers to think beyond their immediate squalor and hopelessness in a constructive fashion; they see education as a way to move ahead in life, and thus endeavor to continue in the path of learning. They also aim at character building such that from young age they understand the traits, behaviors, beliefs and value system that they should imbibe to succeed in adult life - as a worker, citizen, community member and family member.