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CO2 & YOU2 – Control Your Destiny or Else Global Warming Will

Author : Prabhat Singh

This unique book gives an in-depth knowledge about twenty prominent areas related to global warming. It includes technical explanation of the issue, the latest hard core facts, expert views, reasons, past, present and future impacts, and effects: both at national and global level and actions already taken at various levels etc.

It also includes further practical actions that can be taken to reduce carbon footprint at individual and corporate levels. The book is sure to create a sense of energy awareness among the students so that the practice of carbon footprint reduction starts at in-house (micro level) itself.

CSRL went a step ahead and distributed 60,000 copies of the book to school going children in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Bihar. With the generous sponsorship from HPCL, above 40 schools and some 2000 students benefitted from this book. The aim of the book distribution was to derive attention of school children towards the fatal repercussions “Global Warming”.