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Vedanta Super 30- Medical Jaipur

PROGRAM- BACKGROUND : Around 2 lakhs students appeared for the preliminary round of AIPMT 2011. With so many students trying for around 2000 MBBS seats available through AIPMT, the competition here is no easier than IIT-JEE. Even the state exam like Rajasthan Pre Medical Test is no cakewalk with approximately 22,000 students competing for 300 seats in 2011. As is the norm, higher is the competition in any entrance, heftier is the amount charged by institutes which provide coaching for them. With even per capita income in the state being as low as 19,000/- as per the statistics, it's not tough to imagine the plight of aspiring candidates belonging to humble backgrounds. CSRL had long been trying to draw corporate's and philanthropists' attention to the state of affairs. Our hunt for a donor ended when Vedanta came to the fore and zealously took up the task as one of its many CSR initiatives. Together CSRL & Vedanta have embarked upon the journey of feeding nation's health care sector with doctors devoted to their profession.

Vedanta Medical Super 30 was established in view with the degrading value of females in Rajasthan and with the aim of preparing 30 financially challenged girls for the medical entrance examinations. This just would not uplift the not so privileged class but would also provide practical and qualified doctors for tomorrow. Vedanta Super 30, a 10 month completely-residential & free coaching program also provides students with FREE FOOD &, ACCOMODATION for the duration of ten months. During the course of the program, students help each other in understanding what they are best at and in return develop a wider perspective and nurture an ability to think that nothing is impossible or difficult.

ACADEMICS & FACULTY : Students are given academic guidance by Mr. Abhayanand, IPS. There are full-time faculties who come from IIT background & have rich experience of coaching the students for cracking IIT/JEE examinations. The rigorous training helps students to concentrate and perform better.

These students study for 12 to 14 hours on an average which includes 3 to 4 hours of rigorous classes. As per the preparation strategy laid down by Mr Abhayanand for cracking the Medical Examinations, the faculty and the students together strive hard to make sure that all the topics of the syllabus have been studied once by the end of November. December is set aside for first revision of the syllabus.