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Project Neev

Neev- Mission Character Building
through Distribution of 10, 00,000 'Katha Kahani Aur Copy'

Our Belief : “Overall disintegration of values is severely eroding the family, society and nation. Impressionable young minds, if taught to differentiate between right and wrong, will grow up imbibing right aspirations, value systems and beliefs. Apart from gaining basic literacy, we need to help them to know the difference between right and wrong. In short, make them character literate also”.

The Concept : Story telling plays an important role to a child's development; psychologists have promoted the positive effect of reading and telling children stories for decades.

KATHA KAHANI AUR COPY : We have designed a Copy cum Book called "Katha Kahani Aur Copy" which contains twenty stories told in simple language, along with 100 blank pages.

These stories aim at creating inspirational mindset that allows the young readers to think beyond their immediate squalor and hopelessness in a constructive fashion; they see education as a way to move ahead in life, and thus endeavor to continue in the path of learning. They also aim at character building such that from young age they understand the traits, behaviors, beliefs and value system that they should imbibe to succeed in adult life - as a worker, citizen, community member and family member. Each story, apart from providing a deep insight into the moral and ethical timbre that resonate human life, also provides useful information and practical guidelines.

It also supports the book written by the famous psychiatrist Joseph Stray horn. In his study he teaches parents to make up what he calls "positive modeling stories" that address their child's real-life problems or concerns.

Having received support for project NEEV, CSRL has been able to distribute more than 60,000 copies of Katha Kahani aur Copy in various languages Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, & English. Rotary International has been on the forefront for distributing these copies in Mumbai and by the help of Indian Oil we have been able to distribute more than 10,000 copies in the tribal districts of Maharashtra.