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6th CSR Donors & Doers- The Art of Giving 2013

(Changing Rural Landscape)

With an objective to form a link between Corporate and our rural societies, CSRL came up with a theme of Revolutionary CSR; Changing Rural Landscape in the 6th CSR Donors & Doers- The Art of Giving which was held in November 2013. We firmly believe that if the companies develop CSR programme like, to enhance the income of the poor farmers, improve crop productivity radically, get better price of their yield, farmers are trained in making low cost‐ high yield organic manure for better gains etc then Corporate can earn the trust of rural society and help village people to upgrade, change the life of the farmers, provide opportunity to underprivileged but talented students and train young students in art of leadership.

The prominent speakers during this meet were Mr. Shubhaang Gupta from skilled Samaritan Foundation, Mr. Rajeev Bharadwaj, Director HR, SECI, Ms. Deepshikha Deka, Manager- CSR & CC, Oil India Limited, Mr. Shashank Kumar of Farms & Farms, Mr. Manoj umar of Bihari Thakur Kisan Club, Mr. Jadav Payeng, the Forest Man of India and Mr. Sylvester Peter from My Angels Academy.

Other Eminent Speakers included Mr. S. Ravishankar from Metis Energy Consulting, Ms. Rekha Udit from Women International Network, Ms. Krishna Hazarika Rao from Oil India Limited, Mr. Prabir Kr. Biswas from NSPCL, Mr. P.K. Mishra from Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Mr. S.L. Purohit from ONGC and Mr. Rajeshwar Giri from THDC.

Once companies got convinced on hearing the success stories from the civil societies, individuals who have brought radical changes, the program offered various successful models which can be adopted by them. This program offered lots of learning to the participants. These presentations and discussions opened new vistas for Revolutionary CSR.