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Asian CSR Congress

Date : 10th & 11th December 2010, MUMBAI

The firm belief that if Indian industries start taking the social and national responsibility seriously; India’s poor human development indicators will get improved substantially; fuelled the conceptualization and organization of the aforesaid conference- 1st ASIAN CSR CONGRESS. Social Responsibility is still a marginal, limited activity for industry in India. Though many have contributed to social development by various affirmative action, still when compared to the needed efforts by Indian corporate is marginal. To remedy the gap, the 1st ASIAN CSR CONGRESS was organized in Mumbai. Its aim was-: 1- Identify a framework to strategies and operationalise CSR in companies, 2- Delineate ways and means to link core competences of companies to its CSR focus, 3- Share new thinking, global standards and good practices in the field of CSR, and 4- Detail strategy dimensions to help assess the value created for the company by CSR programs.

Held on 10th and 11th December 2009 at Nehru Science Center at Worli, Mumbai; the Congress was jointly organized by CSRL in association with TISS as academic partner and Rotary International Dist 3140 as administrative partner. The ‘Congress’ was attended by delegates from more than one hundred organizations, representing key stakeholder groups - Corporate, NGOs and service providers, end beneficiaries, intermediary supporters / civil society.

A large number of well known organizations representing the entire spectrum of industry types, geographical location, ownership patterns and lineage were present. The agenda was to appreciate and understand how excellence can be weaved in the systems and processes adopted by corporate to reach out to the society. There were case studies on CSR projects that are closely linked to the business of the corporate. There was a presentation on moving the CSR activities from mere “nice thing to do” to a deeply felt need by the corporate at large to make a genuine difference – moving up the virtue matrix. Sessions on employee volunteerism, managing mega projects and learning from them as well as from failures of mega projects were highly appreciated. Impact measurement in CSR saw presentation of a model for adoption. The session of how corporate and NGO should select each other for partnership was highly appreciated. The valedictory address was by Mr S Ramadorai, Vice Chairman of TCS. He gave an insightful overview of the socio economic issues that need urgent support of corporate.