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102 Abhayanand Super30iians qualify JEE Advanced 2014

102 Abhayanand Super30iians qualify JEE Advanced 2014. Congratulations to our students, sponsors, teaching faculty members, centre managers, project officers and all other stakeholders!

Abhayanand Super30 turned a year older in June 2014 and added 102 more Success Stories to the Tales of Transformtion! With the JEE (Adavanced) 2014 result being declared on 19 June, 2014, 102 students from various centres of Abhayanand Super30 emerged successful!

The bifurcation is as follows. 39 students from GAIL Utkarsh Super100 Kanpur qualified JEE(Adavanced) 2014 while 11 students from National Super 100 Delhi achieved the same feat. A total of 16 students from North-East are preparing to attend IITs thanks to the cumulative efforts of their own and that of Abhayanand Super30. 3 of these students are from Guwhati centre, 9 from Jorhat centre and 4 from Dibrugarh centre of OIL India Super30 Assam. 9 students of Magadh Super30 won the day. Abhayanand Super30 Thane came out with flying colors with 18 JEE(Advanced) 2014 qualifiers. Rahmani 30's 8 students came up victors. The only Kashmiri youth from the Kashmir Super30 foundation batch who was eligible to appear in the exam proved his mettle by achieving AIR 95 in PH category!

Overall, it was another beautiful chapter in the history of CSR and Social Transformation. CSRL's Abhayanand Super30 has been producing IITians and NITians for five years now. The first batch of this project graduated from various prestigious colleges (IITs/NITs) this year and got placed. They are socially and financially secure citizens of India quite in contrast to their social standing when they joined Abhayanand Super30. Their success and contentment is our only reward!

We hope that these phenomenal statistics of JEE(Advanced) 2014 result from our centres shall inspire more and more companies and trusts to work towards improving educational quality and accessibility in the country. Everything else will fall in place.

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